IUT Rennes: Compatible laser for metal cutting

The educational process in the technical area can be very varied, so it is important to have the right team to carry out any type of project. Laser cutting and engraving machines perform a wide variety of jobs with multiple types of materials, offering good quality, being a very compatible alternative depending on the activities that are carried out in a university technical institute. This is confirmed by IUT Rennes, which acquired the 260W PC 13/90M model.

This laser machine has the option of installing a capacitive head for cutting metals, allowing to increase the capacity of work that can be done with this machine. This feature stands out and much in an educational environment like the IUT, as 80% of the studies consist of practical work, tutorial projects, and practices.

With more than 1800 students, the IUT Rennes is one of the leading institutes in higher education and technology in the Rennes area, with 6 specialty areas ranging from social careers to different engineering.

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