Laser engraving and cutting machine S400 - GCC Laserpro

Laser engraving and cutting machine S400 - GCC Laserpro

The S400 is a new proposal from GCC, with a modern design and a more robust structure. Its working area is extra large (1016x610mm), and even includes front and rear folding doors to accommodate the material through the machine. With the ability to include both CO2 laser technology and optional fiber in the same machine, high-speed Servo CV motors (3,556 mm/s), and the patented Smart ACT motion control technology, make it a high-speed, high-precision machine for multiple types of jobs.

Maximum engraving speed:

With its maximum working speed 3.55 m/s and DC servomotors, this laser system is designed for increase its production capacity in addition to maintaining optimum accuracy.

Higher working height:

Depth up to 280 mm for engraving large objects.

Pass through:

The front and rear doors are open to pass objects long so you can engrave or cut.