MAINTENANCE SERIES OF CNC MILLING MACHINES: How to use the sacrificial material with the vacuum tables of the cnc milling machines?

We have talked on other occasions about some maintenance tips for the electrical cabinet, as well as providing a brief guide to periodic maintenance that should be done to your milling machine. But we want to go a little further, so we decided to start with this post, which will be updated with maintenance information part by part.

The milling machines are a fundamental range of machines for all types of workshop, can be purchased throughout the Spanish and European territory. They are a type of machinery with multiple uses, from the simplest cutting or the milling of edges to 3D reliefs. However, like any tool in a workshop, a series of maintenance tasks must be carried out that will help prolong its useful life and prevent accidents. As well as their multiple applications, there are a large number of components that make up these machines and we have to take them into account when carrying out an overhaul, especially if our milling machine is only a few years old.

We begin with the maintenance of rectification of the martyr or sacrificial material, the martyrdom of many users...

The martyr or sacrificial material is an extra base that is placed on the tables with a vacuum pump clamping system to protect the work surface (phenolic). Usually MDF panels are used, a porous material that allows the circulation of the air that produces the vacuum. The rectification of the panel of martyr DM is essential for the correct work of the machine, its function will be to ensure that the tool is at the same height at any point of the working table of the machine. In this way we get a much more reliable calibration of the tool, as well as not damaging the martyr more than necessary or avoiding that pieces are half cut because of the difference in height.

This must be done every time we replace the sacrificial material since it is not calibrated, or when we see that we lose suction power of the material by the amount of grooves generated by the usual work of the machine on the martyr.

A recommendation that can lengthen the useful life of the sacrificial material is to try to use the same depth in all projects, thus the board is spent in a uniform way. In addition, if this depth is small, the loss of suction is less. To give an example: when calculating the depth of the material, add an extra 0.2mm.

It is also recommended to rectify both sides of the board. To achieve more pressure in our vacuum, you can also seal the edges of the board using paint or adhesive tape.

If you follow these tips, you will surely avoid a lot of headaches. No more martyrdom...

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After the reading, we leave you with a video of our TEC-CAM 1000 cnc milling machine working on a Solidsurface material from the Krion brand.