SRCI: How to free yourself from dependence on outsourcing? [Customer]

At Perez Camps we are proud to present our second success story in France. SRCI, a company based in Le Creusot (71), specialized in boilermaking and precision mechanics, has trusted PEREZ CAMPS for the installation of our first combined metal laser cutting machine in France, HS-G3015G F60T of 3 KW IPG.

SRCI works for companies such as Areva, Alstom and General Electrics in the processing of large orders. It has participated in numerous large-scale projects, such as the ITER project, currently the largest construction in Europe, in the production of complex parts for Tokamac nuclear fusion. It is a regular supplier in other projects for the oil and gas sector as well as in the renewable energy sector.

SRCI has ISO 9001 / ISO 3834 / EN 15085 and up to 65 recognised welding qualifications EN 287-1. SRCI uses SolidWorks to design its production and has chosen the SigmaNEST solution to interact directly with SolidWorks and program the HS-G3015G F60T laser in flat cutting. Its quality as a supplier of precision mechanics in single parts and prototypes maintains a high order book and with it the need to abandon external cutting subcontracting services. With the acquisition of our HSG HS-G3015G F60T, they can be autonomous for cutting metal flat and tubes.

The HSG HS-G3015G F60T is probably the best combined cutting option (flat & tube) on the market. Two cutting applications on the same machine, using the same laser source and the same head. It has a double table for loading/unloading material fully automated, fast and quiet.

We invite you to visit their website for more information on all the projects that SRCI has worked, as well as their Facebook and Twitter. For demos or more details of the HS-G3015G F60T write to us and one of our commercials will attend you.

We leave you with a video of the HS-G3015G F60T


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