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5-Axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine TP-65


5-Axis Laser Tube Cutting Machine TP-65

For clamping the tubes or parts, the head has pneumatic clamps, which achieve an automatic centering of the parts when working. The adjustable air pressure can be adjusted at the same time, providing strength and stability.

More information

The 5-axis three-dimensional laser head is manufactured using German technology. The maximum angle of the rotation axis is ±160°, the laser head adjusts the focus automatically and is equipped with electromagnetically-coupled anti-collision function.

Library of 3D cutting parameters, which will achieve the perfect connection in square tubes at 45° position, while cutting inner grooves for round tubes.


Professional cutting of square tube, round tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist tube and D-tube and hex tube. Square tube: 20x20-150x150 mm, round tube: Ø20-Ø210 mm, cutting thicknesses: 0.5-10 mm carbon steel tubes, 0.5-10 mm stainless steel tubes (thickness are related to the types of materials and the fiber laser power).

Technical features

Working area 3.000 x 1.500 mm
Round tube diameter cutting Ø20 - Ø210 x 6500 mm
Square tube diameter cutting 20 x 20 -  150 x 150 x 6500 mm
Power  500W a 6kW
Max. Speed movement 100 m/min
Max. acceleration 1.0 G
Positioning accuracy 0,05 mm/m
Repetibility +/- 0,5 mm
Weight 11.000 kg
Dimensions 12.000 x 4.500 x 2400 mm