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5-axis Router CNC


5-axis Router CNC

5-axis interpolated machining center with optimized control, designed for the most demanding processes requiring maximum precision.The Z-axis travel can be up to 900 mm, so it will be very suitable for large scale surface processing and is especially suitable for processing 3D curved surfaces. 


+ Helical rack and pinion 
+ Travel speed 60 m/min and working speed 20 m/min
+ Yaskawa Servo Motors
+ Machining center with interpolated 5-axis synchronization.
+ Numerical Control
+ ATC carousel with 8 positions.

Working Area X-Y 1200 x 2400 - 1500 x 3000 - 2000 x 3000 mm
Z axis height  650/900 mm (rapid traverse 950/1200 mm)
Axis A/C    A: ±120° / C: ±245°
Working surface Table with T Slot 
Structure Welded steel beams
Transmission X/Y Rack and pinion, Z Ball screw
Travelling max speed 60/60/20 m/min

Servo Yaskawa

Spindle power 10/15kW ATC
Voltage AC380, 50-60 Hz, 3 ph
Weight From 2.000 kg