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Advance Factories 2019: Joining Industry 4.0

In 2019 Perez Camps wants to introduce one of its star products, manufactured in Barcelona by the hand of Xtrong Laser Technologies, the model X2515 is a machine specially designed for cutting non-metallic materials that requires speed of work and quality in engraving, as well as flexibility to have more power at any time without changing the optical system.

This machine is characterized by having a work area visible 360° from the outside, with external structure made of high-strength aluminum with the ability to absorb the vibrations of movement caused by accelerations, also incorporates an intelligent temperature control system in the optical system.

The remote control allows the machine to be controlled from any point around it and not only, as is usually the case, from a fixed point on the machine (control panel). This is very useful when setting a specific starting point in the work area that is far from the control panel and also when doing maintenance tasks such as alignment.

Without a doubt one of the most outstanding features is the 4.0 connectivity. The sensorization and control system with which the X2515 model is equipped, allows telemetries to be sent and stored safely in our IoT Hub service in the cloud. This functionality allows us to: verify the correct operation of the machine, as the technicians can monitor the behaviour of the machine; deal more quickly and efficiently with any incident by obtaining, in real time, the incidents that are occurring and, at the same time, be able to analyse the behaviour prior to them occurring; carry out predictive maintenance where, depending on the characteristics of use of each particular machine, a dynamic maintenance plan can be drawn up to prevent incidents from occurring.

Industry 4.0 is a reference in business digitalization, connectivity and digital manufacturing. The fourth revolution, as it is also known, is being consolidated at a global level and thanks to shows such as Advanced Factories our society is increasingly internalizing the benefits of integrating into Industry 4.0.