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Bevelling Varga 2

Bevelling Varga 2

With VARGA 2 beveling is very easy. The desired depth is
adjustable by a single screw.

The dust is removed so the workplace remains always clean. The movable plate accessory provides effective protection to the upper surfaces when handling polished materials, printed circuits, etc. In addition with a diamond disc is also possible to bevel fiberglass, printed circuit boards, etc.

Technical parameters

+ Widia milling cutter Ø 120mm
+ Guide-V 280 mm
+ Depth regulator
+ Suction mechanism and dust bag
+ Engine: 220 or 110 volts
+ Electric power: 350 watts
+ Speed: 15,000 rpm
+ Weight: 5 kg net / kg 6 Gross
+ Package dimensions: 30 x 20 x 20 cm (cardboard box)