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Case Study Imprenta Úbeda: How to stay competitive with a digital cutting table

One of the sectors where we have more experience is the graphic arts (post-printing). Among the different ranges of machines that we have, are the KNF cutting tables, which for companies such as printers usually have a lot of relevance to work with the cut / slit of printed materials. Here we bring you a new case of success with Imprenta Úbeda.

Imprenta Úbeda began in 1963 in a neighbouring yard, where Rogelio Úbeda Galera began to work with just a couple of machines from that time, which was enough to get started. His effort and hardworking attitude led the company to grow until 1970 when he invested in more personnel and machinery, as well as changing the commercial name to Imprenta Papelería Úbeda.

Expansion became a trend for this company, having to move location in 1997, becoming one of the most important graphic arts companies in the province of Almeria. Currently, they have their own design team, binding and manufacture of rubber stamps, eliminating the outsourcing of these services and saving costs.

In 2019 it has invested in the purchase of a KNF50 cutting table. The ability to adapt this digital cutting table with other production processes in the printing plant is one of the main characteristics in which the KNF50 model stands out, as well as its triple head that allows to accelerate and have greater production capacity, and even with complex designs.

Discover all the benefits of including a KNF cutting table in your production processes by contacting us for a demo at our facilities in Viladecans or Madrid. Remember that we are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube for more information on our range of machines and products.

Here's a video of the KNF50 cutting table in action.


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