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Cutting and engraving machine X1612 with high precision

Cutting and engraving machine X1612 with high precision

C02 laser engraving and cutting machine, with a work area 360 ​° visible from the outside. Cutting speed (the fastest in the market), different heights in each engraving, engraving high definition, temperature sensors ... are just some of the main features.

External structure in high resistance aluminum, temperature sensors in mirrors, smoke or fire detector sensors inside the machine, are the differentiating features of the X1612.

The solid copper mirrors are gold coated and have high reflectivity (>99%) and are oversized to withstand high temperatures at higher power. The lighting indicators on the front and top sides of the machine are noteworthy, indicating the machine status at all times.


+ Optional double movable table.
+ High-precision mirror holders.
+ Safety shutter with red-beam pointer.
+ Piece-collector drawers.
+ Rear doors to facilitate access to the subsequent work area.
+ Inner led lighting.
+ Optional integration of 1 or 2 movable heads.
+ Air-pressure electrovalves [2] controlled by software.
+ Computer included.
+ Software in Spanish.

Technical features

Laser power 140W/280W GSI o 150W - 650W RF Rofin
Working area   1.300 x 2.500 - 1.500 x 2.500 - 2.000 x 3.000 mm
Z axis

Motorized, with 60 mm travel

Lens 5" (standard)/ 4"/ 3" / 2"
Working table Aluminium slats
Repetitiveness < 0,01 mm
Resolution 1.200 dpi
Power supply 220 V AC 50-60 Hz
Exhaust system Lower and upper
Cooling system Water
Movement Servomotors, 2 m/seg speed
Dimensions  2.900 mm (anch ) x 1.700 mm (prof) x 1.720 mm (alt)
Weight 500 kg