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Cutting table KNF50


Cutting table KNF50

The KNF50 model is a high-performance cutting table with 6-axis movement control that allows mapping the cutting surface and achieving the perfect depth adjustment for the job.

+ High quality hardware configuration (servo drivers, motor, linear rails, cogged belt, worm spindle, all with Japanese technology).
+ Advanced design of the cutting surface structure with high suction capacity, suitable for large and small pieces.
+ Digital control of the cutting thickness: point cutting, half cut, split and full cut.
+ The vacuum area is divided to facilitate holding pieces with different sizes. + Maximum cutting speed: 1,200mm/s.
+ Self-levelling automatic function.
+ Very simple change of blades and wheels, suitable for any user. + Multi-language LED screen.
+ Ethernet interface. Capacity to connect different long-distance computers, control the machine and implement updates remotely.
+ Local HDD. Capacity to store up to 2GB of cutting and pattern files, as well as possibility of operating without a computer.
+ Ultra-sensitive collision safety system, safe and reliable.
+ This machine meets the standard EN-60204-1 on Machine Safety. Electric equipment in the machines.

Technical features

  KNF50 2513 KNF50 2517
Working area 2500 x 1300 mm 2500 x 1700 mm
Speed Cutting 800 mm/s (depending on material)
Travelling speed  1200 mm/s (depending on material)
Max. thickness ≤45 mm (depending on material)
Multifunction head
Oscillant, Kiss-cut, folding wheel, laser point and camera
Holding material Vacuum
Repeatability ≤ 0,01 mm
Security system Infrared sensor
Interface Serial port and ethernet
Data transmission distance   ≤ 350 mm
Buffer memory 2 Gb   
Transmision speed 100 Mb/s   
Machine language HP-GL Compatible
Control panel  Touchscreen 
Movement Servomotors, linear rail, belt and screw 
Voltage 380 V / 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz / 60 Hz  
Power 7.5kW (vacuum included) 11kW (vacuum included) 
Conveyor dimensions  1320 mm 1320 mm  
Dimensions 3400 x 1300 x 2100 mm 3450 x 1460 x 2450 mm
Weight 1.000 kg 1.100 kg

Optional items


800W milling head and ER11 clamp. This tool is intended to cut PVC planographic printing plates up to 6mm thick. It is specially designed to work with rigid plastics. Speed, productivity and versatility are some of the key attributes defining this milling module.


An accessory to perform V-shape cuts to fold thick materials such as corrugated bees nest cardboard (sandwich type) up to 15mm thick. Additionally, it can also cut in 4 different angles: 15° - 22.5° - 30° - 45° (45° is the standard); and, depending on the material density, up to a thickness of 16mm.

Vinyl cutter

The variable pressure of the blade allows cutting thin materials over the protective material. The standard vinyl or films, up to 1mm thick, can be cut at maximum speed.