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Digital Cutting table KNF80 with loader


Digital Cutting table KNF80 with loader

The KNF80 model with loader is a cutting table that stands out due to its speed and it is suitable for the packaging and the advertising industry.

The KNF80 cutting table with automatic loading system offers a solution that optimises processes and production times in automatons. The user intervention is only required to pile up the plates in the automatic loading zone before cutting and removing them after cutting.

+ Compatibility with most software.

+ System that checks the table flatness and evenness to prevent deviations higher than 0.15mm, ensuring a uniform cut throughout the working surface.

+ Optional register camera with software to obtain more precise cutting results.

+ Versatile tool head that admits different types of accessories, such as vinyl blades, fixed blades or drag cutting, cutting wheel, milling, v-cut, etc.

+ Conveyor belt to meet the demands for different types of materials, such as rolls or sheets. This allows picking up and feeding the materials in a completely automated way, saving time, improving the efficiency and preventing human errors.

+ This machine meets the standard EN-60204-1 on Machine Safety. Electric equipment in the machines.

Optional Items


800W milling head and ER11 clamp. This tool is intended to cut PVC planographic printing plates up to 6mm thick. It is specially designed to work with rigid plastics. Speed, productivity and versatility are some of the key attributes defining this milling module.


An accessory to perform V-shape cuts to fold thick materials such as corrugated bees nest cardboard (sandwich type) up to 15mm thick. Additionally, it can also cut in 4 different angles: 15° - 22.5° - 30° - 45° (45° is the standard); and, depending on the material density, up to a thickness of 16mm.

Oscillant blade

The machine is equipped with this electronically-driven module as a standard, unlike other manufacturers, and it is particularly suitable to cut dense, hard and thick materials. There are different lengths that allow cutting the different thickness in the most adequate way. Some of its applications are Displays, Foam Packaging, Cardboard Packaging, etc.

Folding wheel

The KNF machine includes folding wheels with 4 different diameters for different applications, materials and thickness of the items to be folded. This are some examples of the materials that can be used: corrugated cardboard, bees nest materials, polypropylene, folding cardboard, acetate sheets, etc.

Fixed blade

Used in the same way as a cutter and for the same materials, but with spotless precision and speed. Perfect to cut materials 3-5mm thick.

Vynil cutter

The variable pressure of the blade allows cutting thin materials over the protective material. The standard vinyl or films, up to 1mm thick, can be cut at maximum speed.