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Engraving and cutting laser Spirit GLS - - GCC Laserpro


Engraving and cutting laser Spirit GLS - - GCC Laserpro

The GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS is the flagship model of the award winning GCC LaserPro Spirit line of laser engravers. The Spirit series has received worldwide accolades from the signs and awards industry since its introduction. The Spirit GLS is equipped with sensible upgrades to further boost overall usability.

Extra large working area extendable to 38" x 24" (960 x 610 mm). The spacious platform allows jobs that require large working space.

SmartACT: Ground breaking technology that reduces the ramping process and job running time to boost productivity. 

Pass-through Front & Rear Doors: Convenient front and rear door open design enables loading of extremely long working pieces with ease and extends business flexibility. 

Drag-N-Play: exceptionally innovative and user-friendly feature based on servomotor technology simplifies operations and shortens setup time. Simply hand drag the lens carriage to the desired position to be engraved and press the start button to commence job.

Technical features

Laser source 30 a 100 W (10,6 μm) / 20 & 60 W (9,3 μm) - CO2 Sealled laser
Working area  860 x 610 mm (and 960 x 610 mm)
Max. part size 990 x ∞ x 177 mm (open doors)
Table dimensions 1.025 x 705 mm
Drivers High speed servo control DC 
Axes Z movement Automatic
Max speed motor  2.032 mm / seg
Resolution (DPI) 125, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1.000, 1.500
Interface USB 2.0 + Ethernet
Lens Focal lens 2”, optionals 1,5”- 4”
Voltage 220V AC
Memory 32 MB standar
Security Class III with red pointer
Power 2.000 W - 4.400 W
Cooling By air
Fume extraction Ø 100 mm tube
Dimensions 1.365 x 880 x 1.010 mm

Rotary atachment

Allows the laser system to perform at another level! By using the rotary attachment, engraving on cylindrical or round objects is now possible. This option uses a fourth axis to rotate your object 360° to allow engraving on cups, wine glasses or even a baseball! The minimum/maximum diameter and length of the working object is 90/180mm and 450mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 7kg.

Air compressor

A specifically designed Air Compressor for laser engravers, by using an oil-less diaphragm, you help eliminate the harmful and damaging side effects of moisture on the laser optics. Also, provides the optimal air pressure your laser needs to blow away vaporized particles and helps prevents overheating. A must to keep lenses and mirrors clean to promote longer laser life.


An innovative technology that integrates the ventilation box with a honeycomb table. The result is not only a precise cut with sharp edges, but also a clean laser table to work on