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Esaav Grabados and Taller de Aiam: Laserable materials [Customer]

Having a varied range of products gives us the opportunity to have satisfied customers in the different sectors it covers. In the case of our materials, we have a group of companies that have managed to diversify their production to serve both B2C and B2B customers, where workshop Aiam and ESAAV ENGRAV, despite being different companies are run by the same person.

With a trajectory of more than 30 years in the world of signage and industrial labelling, ESAAV GRABADOS, founded by Gregorio Saavedra, has evolved and adapted to new technologies to optimize products and services offered to its customers. This vision has allowed them to expand their customer base in a wide variety of sectors, ranging from the automotive to the pharmaceutical.

After the success and experience with ESAAV GRABADOS, they decided to diversify their service offer and create the AIAM workshop 3 years ago. In this company they have incorporated laser cutting and engraving, offering solutions of technological craftsmanship of packaging, corporate gifts, personalized details, etc.. Thanks to the specialization, they have managed to transmit the degree of affection with which they work on each project, taking care of every detail so that it has the desired quality throughout the production process, including transport to the customer. For this reason, they have trusted Perez Camps as a supplier of materials for their creations, from cast methacrylate in different colours, through Graflux plates and even using formica.

We invite you to visit the website of Esaav Engravings and the workshop of Aiam for more information.

Are you looking for materials? take a look at our materials catalogue and let your imagination run wild!

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