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Fiber laser cutting machine HS-G3015X


Fiber laser cutting machine HS-G3015X

Structure made of carbon steel, welded base construction to avoid deformation by high stresses. Long service life, withstands high temperatures without distortion. 


Specially used to cut 0.5-25 mm carbon steel, 0.5-20 mm stainless steel, 0.5-16 mm aluminum, 0.5-12 mm brass, 0.5-8 mm copper, as well as galvanized steel, silicon steel, etc. (Thicknesses depend on material types and fiber strength).

Additional Features

+ Radiation-proof window with air conditioning independent of the electrical cabinet.

+ Independent smoke extraction system, with multi-zone function for better use of smoke suction.

+ Compared to the GA model, it includes a double chain, to avoid the movement of the mobile table during the processing of thicker plate.

+ High quality and precision reducer, with a long life of up to 6 years.

+ Connectivity with other machines on the same assembly line.


Technical parameters

Work Area  3.000 X 1.500 mm
Max. Cutting Speed 120 m/min
Max. Acceleration 1.2G
Positioning Accuracy 0.05mm/m
Repeated Positioning +/- 0.05mm
Weight 7.000 Kg
Dimensions 8.300 x 2.260 x 2.200  mm