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Fiber laser cutting machine HS-G4020H


Fiber laser cutting machine HS-G4020H

Structure made of carbon steel, welded base construction to avoid deformation by high stresses. Long service life, withstands high temperatures without distortion. 

Fiber laser cutting machine HS-G4020S

The gantry is made of cast aluminium used in aeronautics. This material provides high density, low weight and good rigidity, characteristics that are a guarantee for high speed operation in this range of machines. It uses a PC-based environment and the Lightbus system, the bus terminal module and the TwinCAT automation software under the Beckhoff CNC system. It integrates several special, efficient, intuitive and user-friendly laser cutting control modules.

The CNCKad solution is a leader in automatic programming and nesting, being the core of CNC cutting to achieve full working time, efficient cutting and high cutting speeds. It also ensures efficient use of the material and improved cutting quality.


Specially used to cut 0.5-25 mm carbon steel, 0.5-20 mm stainless steel, 0.5-16 mm aluminum, 0.5-12 mm brass, 0.5-8 mm copper, as well as galvanized steel, silicon steel, etc. (Thicknesses depend on material types and fiber strength).


Additional Features

+ Protection/safety cabinet to prevent laser radiation.
+ Double rear loading and unloading table with automatic operation, takes 10 sec. to make the table change.
+ Rack-and-pinion transmission with helical pinions. Maximum speed 196 m/min and acceleration of 2.8 G.
+ Servomotors and centralized automatic lubrication.

Technical parameters

Work Area  4.000 x 2.000 mm
Max. Cutting Speed 196 m/min
Max. Acceleration 2.8 G
Positioning Accuracy 0,03 mm/m
Repeated Positioning +/- 0.03 mm
Weight 13.000 kg
Dimensions 11.500 x 3.800 x 2.300 mm