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Flat cutting table KNF30


Flat cutting table KNF30

The KNF30 model is a cutting table ideal to prepare box prototypes.

+ Equipped with a double head, it can work with a blade and a folding tool to cut board and paper.

+ Folding, cutting and plotting functions to reduce production times. It also includes a laser pointer to position register marks.

+ Machine specially designed for the packaging sector. It can cut and fold thin materials such as paper and cardboard under 2mm thick.

+ This machine meets the standard EN-60204-1 on Machine Safety. Electric equipment in the machines.

Technical features

  KNF30 0906 KNF30 1509
Max. cutting area 900 x 550 mm 1500 x 850 mm
Travelling speed 600-1000 mm/s (depending on material)
Cutting thickness ≤1.5 mm (depending on material)
Multi-function head

Vinyl blade and folding tool

Material holding Vacuum
Repeatability ≤ 0,01 mm
Interface Puerto serie y ethernet
Data transmission distance  ≤ 350 mm
Buffer memory 2 Gb   
Transmission speed 100 Mb/s   
Machine language HP-GL Compatible
Control Panel Display with touch buttons
Movement system Servomotors
Voltage 220 V ± 10%, 50 Hz / 60 Hz  
Dimensions 1270 x 1040 x 1000 mm 1870 x 1620 x 1000 mm
Weight 107 kg 173 kg

Optional items

Fixed blade

Used in the same way as a cutter and for the same materials, but with spotless precision and speed. Perfect to cut materials 3-5mm thick.