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TEC-CAM Motion CNC Milling Machine


TEC-CAM Motion CNC Milling Machine

The cnc milling machine model TEC-CAM Motion, manufactured in Barcelona, combines high quality components with an optimized production system in one machine. Our goal is not only to be a supplier of CNC milling machines for our customers, but a true solution supplier. 

A number of standard features have been achieved with this machine that you normally only get when using much more expensive cnc milling machines. This is all due to the manufacturing processes at Perez Camps, which maintain high quality at an affordable price.

The TECCAM Motion cnc milling machine sets a standard for machining capabilities and offers a perfect balance between performance and accuracy. It has a smoother torque, which makes this cnc router effective for cutting foam, composite materials and carbon fiber, among others. Up to 1.5G of force, speed and power for fast and efficient cutting.

Electro-welded STA1 steel has been used to manufacture the structure, to properly absorb the stresses caused by milling and eliminate vibrations.


  • Italian HSD Spindle 7,5kW (8kW pneumatic for ATM) 24.000 rpm air cooled (electronic fan)
  • Two-Channel Safety Limit Switches
  • Ethernet / Wifi connection
  • Wireless control
  • OMRON High Precision Motion Servo Motors
  • PC console with 22" touch screen
  • Real-time control of speed and also of rotation
  • Determining the starting point
  • Automatic control of the vacuum turbine
  • Laser pointer
  • Pneumatic material squaring pivots
  • Increase in travel speed to 70,000 mm / min.
  • 6 configurable working points 0
  • Real-time route preview
  • Multifunctional manual movement
  • G-CODE Advanced Interpreter
  • Squad correction request
  • X and Y axis transmission with linear guides and ground helical rack, with 20 teeth pinion / Z axis transmission by ball screw
  • Repeatability ± 0.025 mm
  • Resolution ± 0.02 mm

Optional Accessories

  • Optical and contour camera: Optiscut high-precision artificial vision system with contour and optic reading.
  • Scalability - Rotation - Positioning of parts
  • Oscillating head: Oscillating cutting head 200 W (creasing wheel, V-cutting, tangential cutting)
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Vacuum turbine : double stage turbine, side channel, silencer, filter and safety valve. 7,5kW
  • Swarf vacuum cleaner: 1 single-phase 2.5kW / 2-3 three-phase 4.5kW bag
  • Safety: Safety barriers CAT.3 Wenglor (range 20 m linear)
  • Linear ATC