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PEREZ CAMPS started its activities in 1985, from a 40m2 property in Barcelona. Sales were exclusively catalogue based and there was neither stock nor demonstrations. The idea emerged from the experience accumulated by J. Pérez Camp in different companies of the sector.

In 1987 the company moved to bigger premises, a property with 200m2 located in the same city. Two technicians, two sales representatives and one administrative assistant were hired. From that moment on the company started working with its first supplier, an Italian firm called Venture. It is at that time when the opportunity arose to perform machine demonstrations, offer courses and after-sales services.

In 1994, nine years after the company was founded, a 700m2 warehouse was acquired in Viladecans, later on expanded to 900m2. The new investment offered the opportunity to distribute larger laser and milling machines. The company also started distributing engraving material, both for milling and laser technologies.

Currently PEREZ CAMPS has more than 3,000 clients in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Angola, France, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. More than 2,500 of this have at least one piece of equipment installed and all of them consume the material.