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How can we perform a 3D engraving with a laser machine?

It's been a few years since we heard about 3D printers and their possibilities. The term 3D really encompasses different applications and jobs in this format. In our case, as distributors of laser and milling technology, both types of machine can perform 3D jobs, but in this post we will explain the process with galvanometric laser marking machines.

To understand the 3D marking process, the first thing to know is that these machines have to incorporate an extra element in their system. This is an internal lens that will allow us to play with different focal lengths automatically, improving production time by not having to take it manually. This lens moves to alternate the laser focus at different heights pre-programmed in the software, achieving a higher quality finish and accuracy. With 3D laser marking we can work on different types of surfaces, whether conical, flat or curved such as rings and charms for the jewelry sector, metal stamps or dies, marking of metal parts on multiple surfaces, etc..

These machines are especially suitable for marking ferrous materials such as steel, iron, stainless steel, silver and gold, as well as plastic materials. Perhaps, at the time of programming the designs we will dedicate more time to take the different heights of marking, but it will always be less than it is needed to modify the focal distance in a manual way.

One of the 3D laser marking machines is the model PC20FP-R, which yoy can see in the following video how this application works.


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