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Laser cutting machine for metal PC13/90M

Laser cutting machine for metal PC13/90M

Laser machine with option to install a capacitive metal cutting head (with 260W of power). The motorized head controls the focal length while cutting, ensuring parallelism in cutting the sheet.

Advanced control with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology is a pioneer in continuous curve control and optimized travel function, greatly increasing productivity. Automatically equalizes laser power throughout the entire operation to ensure the same cutting effect in any geometry. With just one click, the design is processed for execution on the machine.


+ Support for 64-bit systems, including Windows 8.1 and 10.
+ Possibility of working via Ethernet port[also works via USB]. With the Ethernet port "almost" there is no distance limitation. It can also be transmitted via WiFi. 
+ Servo motors, through table and motorized Z-axis.
+ Function that allows to pre-visualize the area and verify that it fits in the material.
+ The capacitive metal cutting head (260W) is a motorized head that controls the focal distance while cutting, ensuring parallelism in the cutting of the sheet.

Technical Features

Laser power 60 W - 130 W - 260 W (cutting metal)
Working area 1.300 x 900 mm
Cutting thickness 0-20 mm (depending on material)
Engraving speed 0-24.000 mm / min
Resolution < 4.000 dpi
Repetibility < 0,01 mm
Power consumption < 1.250 W
Interface WiFi / USB / Pendrive
Files format PLT, DXF, EPS, Al, BMP, etc ...
Control  DSP [Digital signal processor]
Cooling system  Water
Laser class security Clase 1 [con puntero rojo Clase IIIA]
Dimensions 2.020 x 1.440 x 1.100 mm
Weight 400 kg