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Laser engraving and cutting machine HOME LASE


Laser engraving and cutting machine HOME LASE

HOME LASE is designed with a compact structure and easy to use. Now you can have at home the perfect equipment to cut or engrave any organic material. At the touch of a button it starts or stops working.

You don't need any experience or knowledge to make this equipment work, with the web-based software you can easily adjust the parameters. In addition, it includes an image recognition system, capable of cutting or recording images. In a few seconds you can process the outline of an image taken by the camera.

Ideal for DIY crafts, decoration, gifts, toys ... prepare the design, process it in the machine and just assemble or customize.

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+ Fixed laser path, no optical path calibration required

+ Start/stop button on panel.

+ Data transmission via WiFi.

+ Compatible with Windows, MacOS and mobile control in AndroidOS and iOS.

+ Drivers integrated in the control card.

+ CCD camera for the extraction of photographic contours, easy to engrave and cut.

+ Applications : Textile, paper, cardboard, wood (< 3 mm), leather, acrylic (< 3 mm)

Technical Features

Laser power 40 W CO2 laser
Work area 500 x 300 mm
Transmission Linear guide and belts
Loading Manual
Drive DC Servo Control
Z-Axis Movement Manual
Maximum Motor Speed 500 mm / seg
File Format Dxf, Bmp, Jpg, Plt, Pdf, etc.
Computer Interface WIFI connection
Focal Lens Standard 1.5"
Voltage 220V AC
Weight 50 Kg
Safety Class III
Cooling Water cooled
Fume extraction  Included with tube Ø 100 mm
Dimensions 880 x 615 x 275 mm