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Laser engraving and cutting machine PC13/90


Laser engraving and cutting machine PC13/90

The advanced control with DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology is a pioneer in continuous curve control and optimised run function, so this increases the productivity greatly. It equalises automatically the laser power throughout the operation to ensure the same cutting effect with any geometry


The control software for the high cutting speed and the buffer function increase the production performance.

It is possible to work with AUTOCAD and CorelDraw and they integrate automatically with this graphic design software. With just one click, the design is processed to be executed in the machine.

This system offers the option to connect to a PC through a USB port or it can work off-line, just saving the jobs in a memory stick and connecting the stick to the machine. The advantage is that there is no need to keep a computer next to the machine, so there is more freedom to work.

Technical features

Laser power 130 W (30W and 50W RF)
Working area 1.300 x 900 - 1.300 x 1.300 mm
Cutting thickness  0-20 mm (depending on material)
Engraving speed 0-30.000 mm / min
Laser wave length 10.640 mm
Resolution < 4.000 dpi
Repeatibility < 0,01 mm
Power comsuption < 1.250 W
Interface Ethernet / USB / Pendrive
Software included Smartcarve
File format PLT, DXF, EPS, AI, BMP, etc…
Control DSP (Digital signal processing)
Cool system air cooled
Air pumping Standard at head
Laser protection class Class I (Class IIIA with red pointer)
Dimensions  1.900 x 1.310 x 1.100 mm
Weight 580 kg


Cutting table

An innovative tecnology with an integrated extraction table as a cutting table. The result is an excelent cut and ease of maintaining. Special for textil cutting, leather and soft materials. 


Specially indicated for engraving laser systems, it helps to eliminate the humidity that causes harmful effects on the optic, using a membrane without oil. It provides an optim aire preassure that laser needs to get out the vaporized particles and it prevents against system warming. 

Control Panel

Color touchscreen with graphic preview and file size, estimated time, progress bar, total management of files and functions.