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Laser engraving and cutting machine X2515

Laser engraving and cutting machine X2515

CO2 Laser machine for cutting and engraving, with a 360° view from the exterior of the working area. Manufactured in Spain, this machine is ideal for engraving and cutting jobs on non-metallic materials that require speed and quality engraving, as well as the flexibility to have a greater level of power at any moment without changing the optic system.

The external structure is made of high resistance aluminum with the capacity of absorbing the vibrations of the movements from the acceleration. Smart temperature control system in the optic system, reinforced with steel wiring for better precision of the movement of the laser head, guides and rollers for a smooth movement of the bridge, are the differentiating characteristics of the X2515.

The solid copper mirrors with gold covering have a high reflectivity (>99%) and they´re oversized to resist higher temperatures from more power (<2kW). The diameter of 2” of the mirrors reassures the stability of the laser beam during the job. The luminous front panel of the machine stands out, which indicates the stage in which the machine is at all times.


+ The possibility to add a double table without changing the original structure.

+ Frontal and lateral access

+ High precision mirror supports.

+ Security shutter with red pointer.

+ 3 frontal boxes for gathering the finished pieces.

+ Back doors to facilitate the access to the rear working area.

+ Interior LED lights.

+ The possibility to incorporate a second laser head.

+ Electrical air pressure valves (2) controlled by a software.

+ Computer included.

+ Operating software in Spanish and multilingual.

Technical specifications


Laser power RF 150 W-2,2 KW/Continuous 140W-280W 
Working Area 2.500 x 1.500 – 2.000 x 3.000mm
Z Axis Motorized, 70mm route
Lens 5” (standard)/1,5”/2,5”/7,5”
Work Table Aluminum plates 
Repetition <0.01mm
Resolution 1.200 dpi
Cutting precision ± 0,05 mm
Raster Max. Mode speed 2.000 mm / s
Voltage AC 220V - AC 380V / 50-60 Hz
Smoke vacuum Lower and upper
Cooling By water
Movement Servomotors
Dimensions (only the machine) 3.330 mm (wide) x 2.200mm (deep) x 1.450 mm (height) 
Weight 850 kg