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Laser UV marking machine

Laser UV marking machine

Laser marking system with galvanometric head and UV fiber laser technology, it is a machine with a high static marking speed, with great precision and easy maintenance indicated for industrial marking on some plastics and metals.


Applications and materials

+ Widely used for marking electronic components, electrical cables, computer accessories, phones (LCD and cases) and similar.

+ Other common applications are the marking of spare parts for automobiles, medical instruments, tools, sanitary ware etc ...

+ It works with majority of metal materials to mark superficially and some plastics.


Technical features

Laser power  3W - 5W - 8W - 10W
Laser frequency pulse 20 kHz  - 200 kHz
Depht pulse  4-200 ns
Wave length laser  355 nm
Marking area 110 x 110 (standar)
Optional marking area 175 x 175 mm (depending on lens)
Min. thick  0,03 mm
Max. speed marking  15.000 mm/s
Min. size character 0.1 mm
Power consumption  < 700 W
Voltage AC 220/ 50Hz / 10a
Interface  USB-2.0 optional
Cooling by air