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Marking laser machine PC20-FPJ


Marking laser machine PC20-FPJ

Compact size laser marking machine, excellent for confined spaces. With a variety of powers to suit any marking need.

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  • Class I safety cabinet, with industrial design and improving the safety functions of the machine, complying with European safety standards.
  • Removable side door, which facilitates access for maintenance, cleaning and work.
  • Safety shutter (3)If the operator opens the door while the laser is in operation, the shutter immediately locks the laser to prevent any accident or injury.
  • Motorized Z-axis (optional), with motorized control option for focal distance.
  • Autofocus (optional), precise one-button autofocus with motorized Z-axis.

Technical features

Laser power 20 - 30 - 50 - 60 - 100 - 120 W
Frequency laser power 20 kHz - 300 kHz 
Laser wavelength  1.064 nm
Área de marcado  110 x 110 mm (standard)
Optional marking area 70 x 70 - 150 x 150 mm (depending on lens)
Variation in focus ± 20 mm
Min. character thickness 0,03 mm
Max marking speed 8.000 mm / seg
Marking Mode 2D / 3D
Supply AC 90 - 250 / 50 - 60 Hz / 10 A
Cooling Air cooled
Dimensions  664 x 824 x 1.559 mm
Weigth 58 kg