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Marking laser machine PC20FP-R


Marking laser machine PC20FP-R

A compact solution available with different levels of power. The 10W machine offers an economic solution for your needs and the 20W machine is a versatile solution with a higher speed.


More information

Light and compact galvanometric head with air-cooled system. Optical systems, electronics and mechanical components are integrated in a single design. This machine has a long shelf life and minimum maintenance. This fibre laser equipment can be successfully integrated in the most reduced spaces. The different power levels available allow obtaining exceptional results and speeds.


+ Reduced size system.

+ Integrated in one single module (head, pc and monitor).

+ High marking speed.

Technical features

Laser power 20 - 30 - 50 - 60 - 100 W
Frequency laser power de 20 kHz a 80 kHz (MOPA de 20 kHz a 300 kHz)
Laser wavelength  1.064 nm
Área de marcado  110 x 110 mm (standard)
Optional marking area 70 x 70 - 170 x 170 mm (depending on lens)
Lens 160 mm (standard)
Min. character thickness 0,04 mm
Max marking speed 5.000 mm / seg
Maximum power consumption < 1.500 W
Supply AC 90 - 250 / 50 - 60 Hz / 10 A
Cooling Air cooled
Dimensions  800 x 680 x 1.400 mm
Weigth 58 kg


Safety Cabin

Optional Safety cabin, the laser will become a Class I security (without cabine, it is Class IV).