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Mecatall 300 Success Story: Metal Laser Cutting and SMEs

At Perez Camps we greatly value the concept of a family business, as it is one of the virtues we represent. Many of our customers who share this value and Mecatall 300 is one of them, an example of a company with a family start, which has gradually evolved with the aim of improving the quality of its services by optimizing production processes.

Their vision is the fusion of human talent with the latest advances in technology, following this idea they decided to incorporate a fiber laser machine to cut metal G3015A 3KW and an IPG resonator, with double table to streamline the cutting processes. As this machine has a robust structure, it offers greater precision and less vibrations in the sudden movements of the bridge. The double table allows fast loading and unloading while the equipment is working to optimize times.

Mecatall offers from consulting services in the development of machining, through assembly and even transport, to a wide range of materials to respond to exceptional requests. They have all types of machinery and custom CAD software development.

If you want more information on how fiber laser machines work, call us!

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