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MINIFIBER 20W laser marking machine

MINIFIBER 20W laser marking machine

A compact concept for limited spaces, an expandable marking area for marking elongated objects, easy maintenance and can reach a marking speed of 12.000 mm/s.


The quality of the laser beam is better than traditional solid state lasers, adopting the mode TEM00 output, the spot diameter is less than 20μm. 

It has three optional accessories for working different pieces and automation processes: a rotary attachment (for marking cylindrical parts), a rotary plate for multiple parts processing during marking or a conveyor.

Adjustable height, auto focus and double red pointer for better positioning, besides having 3D marking function; those are the most outstanding features of this marking laser.

Technical Features

Laser power  10W - 20W - 30W -  60W - 120W
Laser frequency pulse de 20 kHz a 200 kHz
Wave length laser  1.064 nm
Marking area 110 x 110 (standar)
Min. thick line 0,03 mm
Max. speed marking  10.000-12.000 mm / s
Power consumption  400 W
Voltage AC 220/110V - 50/60 Hz
Interface  USB-2.0 optional
Cooling by air 
Dimensions  530 x 725 x 430 mm
Weight 70 kg