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Pantograph VPE31

Pantograph VPE31

Versatile engraving system capable to improve engraving jobs with industrial diamond and other tools, high precision and power to grinding the necessary surface to obtain high-and low-relief.

Price: 5.000€

VPE31 is a compact system, low-noise and user-friendly operation that allow you to engrave small and big objects.

Technical specifications

Functions Parameters
Machining area X-Y-Z 420 x 250 x 90 mm
Working area 420 x 250 mm
Dimensions  750 x 780 x 560 mm 
Weight 55 kg 
Motors Pas a pas
Positioning accuracy  0,025 mm
Resolution 0,025 mm 
Spindle power  150W - 1.4kW
Spindle speed  500 - 40.000 rpm 
Tools diamater 0,5-10mm