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Portable marking laser machine PC20FP-R

Portable marking laser machine PC20FP-R

A small, portable machine. An economic solution, that with 20 W of power becomes a very versatile equipment standing out for its speed.

Small and portable, the portable PC20FPR is the ideal equipment to work on multiple surfaces where it is easier to access with a moving head. This fiber laser equipment integrates excellently in the tightest of spaces. Moreover, thanks to the different power levels available, it allows for obtaining exceptional results and speeds.

The head can be attached to the machine body if required, and an adaptable table is available to fix a work area. Includes base for setting the focal length of the lens.


+ Reduced system size.

+ Ability to use on multiple surfaces with its portable head.

+ High marking speeds

Laser power 10 - 20 W
Frequency laser power de 20 kHz a 80 kHz
Laser wavelength  1.064 nm
Área de marcado  110 x 110 mm (standard)
Optional marking area 70 x 70 - 170 x 170 mm (depending on lens)
Lens 160 mm (standard)
Min. character thickness 0,04 mm
Max marking speed 5.000 mm / seg
Maximum power consumption < 1.500 W
Supply AC 90 - 250 / 50 - 60 Hz / 10 A
Cooling Air cooled
Dimensions  800 x 680 x 1.400 mm
Weigth 58 kg