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SSB machine for Channel Letters


SSB machine for Channel Letters

The evolution of Easy Sign Bender, stronger machine with great performances in blend function. It has four blend discs with different angles (50, 80, 100 and 120°) with high revolution motor. 

The ChannelBender range is controlled by a PC-type computer system running under Windows 7 in English via EasyB software. It offers the same state-of-the-art technology that has made us the worldwide leader in the die-making industry for years. It provides broaching for sharp bending for flat and protruded materials.

The system is ideal for welding channel production, allowing customers to make a variety of channel letters to suit their purpose.

The EasySignBender satisfies various customer needs since it supports a variety of materials, such as aluminum roll, aluminum profile, brass, bronze, galvanized steel and more. For coil-type material, it supports a thickness of 0.8mm - 1.0mm and a height of 25mm - 120mm. For profile-type material, it covers a thickness of 1.0mm and a height of 80mm, 100mm and 120mm.

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- Material: aluminum profile, galvanized steel, and aluminum Coil (Height 25mm - 120mm, thickness ~1mm)
- Function: Flanging, V-cut (notching on Flange), and Broaching (Routing)
- Coil Bending (For welding and clinching method), and extruded aluminum bending
- Artificial intelligence function automatically adjusts the bending angle and speed according to the designed shape and length
- The basic EASYB (EasyBender CLB Windows Win 7 Program) software package provides a user- friendly environment
- A computer-based automatic control system (MS windows 7 included)
- USB port on the cabinet for user’s convenience

Technical specifications

System  220 VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 2P
Oil Pump -
Physical dimensions (w x d x h) 
System 1.935 x 1.030 x 1.620 mm
Coil cassettes  750 x 750 x 1.450 mm
Profile cassettes
Operating weight 500 kg
Shipping weight  720 kg
Flange V-Cut Adjustable depth (V type)
Cutting V-Cut 50º, 80º, 100º and 120º
Flange Si
Flange depht (straight) -
Maximum angle 120º 
Smallest radius that can be bent a full 180º 8R
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend 16 Ø mm
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend 10 mm  
Air pressure
Max. pressure 0,7 mpa / 6,3 kg / cm2
Operating Range 0,5-0,6 mpa / 4,5-5,5 kg / cm2
Oil pressure 
Operating range  Below 100 bar