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Szymanski: How to optimize production processes with metal laser cutting? [Customer]

With this new success story we cross borders to L'Île-Bouchard, a French town where the Szymanski headquarters are located. For 40 years, this family company has been working in the metal sector, specialising in the study, design, manufacture and installation of all types of metal structures.

In 2018, they decided to expand their fleet of machines by acquiring a HS-G3015A metal laser cutting machine with a power of 2.2 kW. This decision responds to a new Strategic Operational Plan, which aims to improve its internal production procedures, optimizing and increasing its activity more effectively. With the acquisition of the HS-G3015A, SZYMANSKI can manage 100% of its metal cutting activity, without the need to subcontract, with the following advantages: timings control, quality, agility and reactivity.

This equipment fits with the concept of differentiated spaces in the production processes developed by the Szymanski team, providing an improvement in efficiency and productive effectiveness, thanks to the combination of speed in cutting (a maximum speed of 100m/min), the laser head with autofocus and the double work table that achieves loading and unloading times as well as increasing production.

This is the first HSG laser machine installed in France, so Szymanski becomes a pioneer of this type of technology in its sector. Szymanski continues on its way to its metal-morphosis!

Learn more about their products and services on their website or follow them on Facebook to become part of their community. Want to know more about fiber laser technology for cutting metal? Contact us!

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