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Varga Saw

Varga Saw

Circular saws VARGA introduce us to a new conception
to cut, with easy handling and safely.

With a hard metal disk, we can cut: Formica, Resopal, graflux, astralon, Plexiglas, PVC, aluminum, brass, wood, rubber, felt, cardboard, etc. We can also use a diamond blade to cut glass fiber materials of all kinds, epoxy fiberglass plate conductive, printed circuits, and many more.

Technical parameters

 Varga 1Varga 11Varga 21-7Varga21-15
Cutting length 620 mm 620 mm 1,030 mm 1,030 mm
Max. thickness without roll 15 mm 6.3 mm 7 mm 15 mm
Max. thickness with roll 15 mm  5.3 mm 7 mm 15 mm
Non-ferrous metal 5 mm 3-4 mm 3-4 mm 5 mm
Saw blade 120 mm 120 x 1.7 mm 120 mm 120 mm
Weigh 28 kg 18 kg 30 kg 31 kg