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We presented at MetalMadrid 2019, the fiber laser machine for confined spaces.

  • It cuts up to 6mm of iron and 3 of stainless steel, with oxygen supply.

A laser fiber cutting machine with an excellent value for money.

Viladecans, 15th October 2019. MetalMadrid will be held in November, in Madrid, where the latest developments in industrial innovation will take place. For two days we will present a compact machine for cutting sheet metal, with 700W of power to cut up to 6-8 mm of steel and 3-4 mm of stainless steel, either with oxygen or nitrogen. 

The PCM1310F laser machine model is designed for companies that subcontract laser cutting productions and depend on a small space. The transmission system with double pinion-rack guarantees a high acceleration, increasing the cutting process; moreover, it incorporates an automatic lubrication system that guarantees the precision of the transmission system.

The capacitive head adjusts the height automatically if there is any deformation of the sheet, so the quality of the cut is the same having different heights. Some of the applications that can have this laser equipment are: electrical cabinets, button panels, metal signage, manufacturing lifts, etc..

Energy efficiency is one of the most important characteristics to take into account, since a fiber machine consumes between 3 and 5 times less energy than CO2 lasers. The advantage of the fiber is that you can cut metals such as aluminum, copper and brass, which with a CO2 laser is not possible, because the wavelength is 10 times larger in CO2. As it does not have a mirror system, it does not require constant maintenance, as far as the alignment and cleaning of the laser optics is concerned.

Metalmadrid Hall 5 - Stand 5C21 

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