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WEN pen for hand engraving


WEN pen for hand engraving

Capable to engrave steel, glass, wood, plastic, plaster, stone and

Needles tungsten carbide has a large duration, after 150 hours continuous recording on steel wear down is not perceived at the tip. It works with an air compressor and has a very low vibration level, with a frequency 3/2 times higher than other competitors pencils. It comes equipped with a medium needle but it also has thin and thick needles available, one blade (wood) and a chisel (for small stones) that are supplied separately. All maintenance it requires is a drop of oil in the air supply line each day of use.

Technical parameters

Measures 162 x 17 mm
Air supply pressure 6-7 bar
Air consumption 15 l/min
Speed 540 puls/min
Vibration level 1.6 m/s2
Noise level >65 bBA
Weight 150 g
Hose length 2.5 m