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Router CNC TEC-CAM 4000

Router CNC TEC-CAM 4000

The TEC-CAM Series 4000 CNC system is particularly suited for jobs requiring high-precision when mechanising on methacrylate, wood, aluminium and many other materials that can be used. The sliding table reduce the vibrations and allows a higher height than the rest of TEC-CAM systems (1.000 mm). 

The 4000 series CNC router system is equipped with servomotors and a HIWIN rail system, as well as ball spindles in every axis to provide a smoother movement. It also includes an ATC, automatic tool change. 

Technical features

Working Area X-Y 1.000 x 1.000 mm
Z axis height  220 - 1.000 mm
Repeatability    ± 0,025 mm
Resolution ± 0,02 mm 
Working surface Vacuum table with T Slot - Mobile table
Structure Welded steel beams
Axes X-Y-Z Movement  30mm for X and 25mm for Y and Z - linear rails
Screw  32 diameter for X axis and 25 for Y and Z axes, ball screw
Travelling max speed 45 m/min

1,3kw Servo Motor and servo Driver for axis X 
850 W Servo Motor and servo Driver for axes Y - Z

Spindle power 10/15kW ATC
Voltage AC380, 50-60 Hz, 3 ph
Inverter Inverter 11kw
Interface USB
Vaccum  Side channel turbine  5,5 kw / 7,5 kw / 11kw
Software EnRoute / VCarve

PLC-CNC Control

Last generation PLC-CNC control with developed power, applied to these high production capacity systems. The PLC controls all in and out signals, alert management and any other auxiliar activity of movement or machine operation. While the CNC will responsible to manage all kinetic.